What are the system features?


  • Windows Based: run on Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) or higher
  • User License(s) : based on user license(s) 1-50 with upgrade or downgrade user licenses (ULs)
  • Multi Company: independent registration and management of data per company
  • Multi Currency: default currency and exchange rate per financial transaction
  • Online Help: online documentation provided at the click of the Help button
  • Online Backup: backup the system online to a pre-defined location
  • Facilities: integrated to word processing, email and internet connectivity
  • Link Files: link or attach word, excel, pdf and photos files to records


  • Security: pre-defined system-level, company-level, module-level, programlevel, field-level access privileges
  • Audit Trails: TimeStamps (user-date-time) on, system login-logout, company login-logout, module login-logout, record creation-amended
  • Locked Records: cannot update or delete records marked as locked, closed or posted
  • Seamless Integration: to Microsoft products such MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and Internet
  • Report Generator: includes an integrated report generator for creating user defined reports whose output can be exported to MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Data Upload: securely import/upload data from MS Excel spreadsheets
  • ODBC Connectivity: connect to other proprietary databases

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