Financial setup


1. Go to Admin module

2. Go to Table tabfolder

3. Select Business Type

4. Select General in the Table Code column

5. Create your own business type. each company's accounting structure is depended on the/it's business type.


1. Go to Accounts module

2. Read through the classifications rules.

3. Go to the Required tabfolder

4. Select the Business Type, see example "General"

5. Create or modify your accounting structure based on the classification rules above


1. Go to the Company module. see How do I create a company? section

2. Go to the Financial Setup tabfolder.

3. Select the company.

4. Select the year.

5. Click on Period # field and click the new record button, bottom left to create the financial year periods. 1-12 periods - records

6. Click on the save record button, bottom left.

7. Go to the Chart of Accounts tabfolder

8. Click on the Create/Update Chart of Accounts, based on the business type attached to the company, see Company tabfolder Business field and also Admin module Accounts Required tabfolders

9. Modify the Other Ref, Other Title, Analysis Code1->Analyze by department, Analysis Code2-> Analyze by project or event

Other Ref
[M]M15-1000 -> first letter of Company Ref
M[M]15-1000 -> first letter of business type
MM[15]-1000 -> financial year
MM15-[1000] -> account code based on classification


1. Go to the Opening Balances tabfolder

2. Enter the opening balances and date based on audited accounts, the Net[Dr/Cr] must equal to 0 zero

3. Click on the Post Opening Balances button.


1. Go to the Budgets tabfolder

2. Select the respective account

3. Click on Period # field and click the new record button, bottom left to create the periodic budgets. 1-12 periods - records

4. Click on Update Budget button followed by Refresh Chart button