GL code allocations


1. Go to the Company module. see How do I create a company? section

2. Go to the Bank Accounts tabfolder.

3. Select the Bank A/c Name and go to the GL A/c Ref field.

4. Select the bank account GL code and attach it to the bank account record.

5. Go to the Tariffs, Expenses and Payment tabfolder and check that they have corresponding GL codes in you chart of accounts structure.


1. Go to System - GL - Allocate GL Codes module

CSBMS - Business Management System
CSCMS - Clinic Management System
CSFMS - Farm Management System
CSPMS - Property Management System
CSSNL - Savings and Loans System

2. Go to Cus/Sup/Emp tabfolder

CSBMS - Cus/Sup/Emp tabfolder
CSCMS - Cus/Sup/Emp tabfolder
CSFMS - Cus/Sup/Emp tabfolder

3. Select Customer and attach the debtors/accounts receivable GL A/c code

CSBMS - Customer
CSCMS - Patient & Company
CSFMS - Customer
CSPMS - Tenant, Property & Landlord
CSSNL - Clients - since deprecated see Client Transaction Types below

4. Select Supplier attach the credit/accounts payable GL A/c code

5. Select Employee and attach the employee expense GL A/c code, when the payroll is not in use

6. Select Stores and attach the inventory and cost of goods COG GL A/c codes

7. Go to Exp/Trf/Payments tabfolder see company module tariffs, expenses & payments

8. Select Expense and attach the respective expense GL A/c codes

9. Select Tariffs and attach the revenue/income GL A/c codes

10. Select Payment and attach the cash, bank GL A/c codes


CSSNL - Savings and Loans System

1. Go to Facilties - Client Transactions Types

2. Select respective Fees and attach revenue GL A/c codes

3. Select respective Savings and attach liabilities GL A/c codes

4. Select respective Shares and attach liabilities GL A/c codes

5. Select respective Loans and attach respective loan, current assets, GL A/c codes

6. Select respective Interest and attach revenue GL A/c codes

7. Select respective Penalties and attach revenue GL A/c codes

8. Select respective Other Income and attach revenue GL A/c codes





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