GL posting


1. Go to the General Ledger module.

2. Go to the GL Entries tabfolder. internally generated transactions based on integration

3. Select the Journal Date [Filter] to post one day at a time where necessary.

4. Click on Post GL Entries button to post the internally generated transactions.


Corrections - Each internally generated transaction can be corrected from it's source module, the first two letters denoting it source, i.e.

[PM]1000001 from payment modules,
[RC]1000001 from receipting modules
[IN]1000001 from income modules - CSBMS & CSFMS
[BI]1000001 from income modules - CSCMS & CSPMS
[AP]1000001 from accrual modules - CSSNL

see Company module Sequences tabfolder

1. Go to the respective module, i.e. Cash Receipts.

2. Select the bearer of the transaction, i.e. customer

3. Go to transactions tabfolder

4. Select the transaction that requires correction

5. Go to GL Entries tabfolder

6. Edit/make the desired corrections and save.

7. Go back to STEP 1 above.


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